The Eyes of a Child

In grammar school in 1960, we would build crystal radios out of a few wires, a crystal, and a plastic box, and electromagnets from an iron bar, some wire, and a battery which lit up a row of lights. The Space Race was roaring, and it was a thrill seeing Russia and the US orbiting the first satellites - even if we had to crunch under our desks in drop drills each Friday morning to ear piercing air raid sirens. Many of us aspired to be astronauts, because when we grew up, we might pilot the first space ships. We would see movies of models of the clean and modern cities of the future, complete with magnetic trains, futuristic monorails, electric busses and cars, moving sidewalks, and spaceports with regularly scheduled flights to the heavenly bodies.

One of my favorite school films was called "Our Mr. Sun," which began with this astounding fact: "Energy flows from the Sun to our Earth at a constant rate of 170 billion megawatts each day - or about 25,000 times the total global energy demands." "It's simply up to us to learn how to use it." And the friendly moderator repeated a slogan throughout the movie, which continues to echo like a mantra through my consciousness:

"All the power that ever was or will be is here now!"

Though this was not very long ago, it was an era when gasoline was a quarter, candy bars were a nickel, service stations (which had bathrooms) sent a team of attendants to work on your car, and bottled water was just for steam irons. Of course, ten year olds did not care much about entrenched special interests, back room politics, lobbys, or corporate greed. When we imagined the future, it was filled with golden promise, where human genius and natural resources would unite to create a wonderful world of the future.

Now, some thirty years later, half of our children breathe unhealthy air, almost everyone must drink purified water from bottles, and we swim in polluted dying oceans. Scientists and world leaders are holding global summits to grapple with the reality that the age of fossil fuels has changed the Earth's climate to a cataclysmic condition. In the century since we began making power out of oil, we've travelled well down the road of destroying our planet.

At the beginning of the century, Nikola Tesla was generating free energy at his Wardencliffe Tower project, when JP Morgan pulled the financial plug. Free energy would stop industrial mining interests from wiring the world with copper and utilitiy companies from metering and charging for energy. Since then, trillions of dollars have indeed been made, only to reach a turning point at the dawn of the third millennium where the fossil fuel gauge approaches empty and Mother Gaia weeps in her warmed and darkened skies. Hopefully civilization will reverse this free fall and rise again.

"Some of them grew angry, by the way the Earth was abused, by the men who tried to forge her beauty into power."
- Jackson Browne

A Flash of Vision

I was enjoying a vigorous workout on a stairmaster at the YMCA, when a light bulb popped on in my head. First I flashed how as a small boy I'd ride around at night on my Schwinn bike illuminated by the light of the generator which spun from my pedal power. Then I looked around and considered how if the rotating energy of all these stationary bicycles, treadmills, "spinners," stairmasters, and other apparatus were simply connected to similar generators as my Schwinn, huge amounts of electrical energy could be made. There would certainly be an excess of what the YMCA uses. And if all this energy could be stored, the thousands of kilowatts generated getting fit could light up the town.

Then I recalled the JFK physical fitness program of the early 60's in the US, and how it ignited young American's hearts toward health. Perhaps an enlightened leader of the new millennium could propose a Kilowatt Contest for the fitness facility which could generate the most energy. The fitness craze would be refueled with the greater purpose of cleaning up the environment. Or perhaps some enterprising business interest will devise retrofit devices for popular fitness apparatuses. With a little modification, our gyms could serve as human electrical power generation plants. Let there be light!

The formula for the renewal of our civilization seems simple: Enlightened vision must bring into alignment our resources and ingenuity around the common good. The genius of our civilization must be allowed to flourish!

The brilliance of mind - the incredible resource of human ingenuity is virtually unlimited. When unleashed and empowered, or when staring the challenge of survival straight between the eyes, it has mothered unfathomable invention. That same imagination which discovered how to split atoms and create weapons of mass destruction must now be focused on tapping clean, renewable energy for the survival of humankind and Mother Earth. The time has arrived for global citizens to adopt a Space Race mentality toward harnessing and using clean, sustainable energy.

"All the power that ever was or will be is right here now!"

Energy is at the Heart

Almost everything in our economy depends on energy. Our food, for example is planted, harvested, and transported by costly gasoline powered machines. Our cars, trucks, planes and busses, our homes, buildings, and cities; our clothing, and all our electrical devices and appliances, are all dependent on costly power from dangerous and polluting nuclear or fossil fuel powered energy. As long as we depend on these limited sources of non-renewable energy, pollution will increase, prices will rise, poverty will remain, and we will still be at the mercy of dubious overseas governments and multinational power brokers. Energy is the centerpiece and heart of the economy. Now if we can liberate energy from the shackles of control and dependence, abundance will spread and pollution will be eliminated. We live at that turning point when energy is about to become free like it flows from the Sun, the wind, the water, and the cosmos.

I've Got to Admit it's Getting Better!

In 1997, only 1% of the world's energy came from solar energy, wind turbines, water wheels, and other renewable resources, while 99% came from fossil fuels and nuclear power. But the race to liberate power is on. The use of solar and wind power is growing more than 25% a year. Just as computers replaced typewriters, and automobiles followed horses, fossil fuels will soon be history. This process must be accelerated!

In Japan, solar electric generating silicon roof tiles will cover some 70,000 homes in the next few years. 6% of Denmark's electricity is now coming from electricity generated by wind turbines. Across the German countryside, thousands of hundred-foot wind powerhouses transform wind into power for business and homes with no harm to the environment. In Europe, scores of solar office buildings generate power while transmitting filtered sunlight from their photovoltaic-laced south facing windows. Major automobile manufacturer's hybrid electric cars have hit the streets, getting twice the fuel economy while emitting half the pollution of their gasoline counterparts. As the costs go down, the roads should be ruled by non-polluting vehicles. This process must be accelerated!

As we transition from a fossil fuel to a solar hydrogen economy, much more advanced technologies dawn on our horizon. Fuel cells, born in the US Space Program, which blend hydrogen and oxygen without moving parts to create clean and quiet electricity with only clean water as waste, are being tooled by entrepreneurs to produce household units which can supply power and hot water for millions. Soon they will also be the powerplants of early 21st century automobiles.

In the US, the motor vehicle population has grown six times as fast as the human population, with about 180 million vehicles running down the road. Making inroads on these old technologies battling oil companies, political lobbies, and other entrenched interests is a veritable David and Goliath scenario. Visionary and compassionate capitalism and market demand have inspired companies like Daimlier-Benz to target making 100,000 fuel cell vehicles by 2004 - up to one fifth of their fleet. Toyota has allocated almost $1 billion annually to its green machine program and is rolling out the prototypes. But the costs are still prohibitively high to compete in the marketplace. We are overdue to provide new stimuli to catalyze and empower these endeavors.

In the late 70's after the Arab oil embargo, California provided huge tax incentives for alternative energy technologies, which instantly blossomed into a thriving industry. The time has come for government to restore and enhance these incentives to overcome the inertia of a century of obsolete fossil fuel technologies. It's time for utility companies to listen to the spirit of Mother Earth and invest in renewable and sustainable alternatives. And it is time for everyone to catch the wave of the future, support environmentally correct technologies, and leave behind the dinosaurs of the past.

As GM EVI driver, actor Ted Danson exhorts, "It's sweet to be environmentally correct....what sends me over the edge is how fast and smart this car is." "This car is hot and sexy," boasts realtor Constance Chesnut. "It's a cross between a Porsche and a violin," says inventor Calvin Theobold. Why not be the first on your block to drive a clean, green machine!

Fission or Fusion: Separation or Unity

The nuclear energy industry was a technology rushed into being because of the Arab oil embargo. The problem of disposing of the lethal radioactive wastes such as plutonium, which remain deadly for 50,000 years, was also overlooked, thinking science would find a solution in the future, though it never did. Nuclear fission requires that atoms be smashed in accelerators which release their energy. Fission energy is crude, polluting, limited, dangerous, and seems to violate the natural order of the universe. It must be controlled by governments or large utilitiy conglomerates, and is subject to disasters such as at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. This splitting is symbolic of the separation or division of man from his inner source or divine connection, otherwise known as the unified field, universal, or higher Self.

The opposite of fission is fusion, which is a process of coming together or union. In Eastern tradition, the word Yoga means union, that same energy which brings us together with our source, which is love. Fusion, which creates power from subtle energy fields is safe, clean, renewable, efficient, brilliant, and virtually free.

Infinite Energy from Zero Point

We live in a vast sea of infinite energy. Everything - every atom, every subatomic particle is in constant motion, spinning and vibrating eternally. In the cold dark absolute vacuum of empty space, there exists what the New Physics calls the Quantum Vacuum Flux, or Zero Point Energy. It is the ether of ancients, the prana of yogi's, the life force of metaphysics - what new science identifies as the random fluctuations of a vast field of potential in which space and time are embedded.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indestinguishable from magic"
- Arthur C. Clarke, 2001

The ghost of Nikola Tesla haunts the status quo. Like slavery in the 19th century, energy is about to be emancipated in the new millennium. Fifty years after the birth of the nuclear age, an astonishing source of energy has been discovered. Theorists cannot fully explain it, many reject it, but there is no doubt it exists. It may be far more potent that the fusion energy of the stars, and it has no known limits. It will end the world as we know it - this time, for the better!

This infinite energy source has been theoretically, mathematically, and practically proven. We are witnessing the birth of a new science and industry devoted to harnessing this force from the very fabric of space-time for practical applications. Tapping Zero Point Energy provides another free and inexhaustible resource of clean unlimited power. A scientific revolution is blossoming with thousands of tireless innovators and visionaries learning how to connect and apply this infinite energy source. As Earth's fuel gauge approaches empty in our children's and grandchildren's maturity, business interests are starting to see dollar signs in the market of setting energy free. With some funding, a free energy industry will flourish and capture the marketplace of the future. As inventor Dennis Lee exalts, "We're about to rock your world!"

Show Me the Money!

These pioneers are not waiting around for the government or established scientists to catch this wave of the future. Dr. Eugene Mallove and his colleagues at Infinite Energy Magazine have formed an investment capital pool for Cold Fusion and New Energy called "SuperPower, Inc." They intend to link their vast technical expertise with investors and projects to accelerate the development of these new technologies into the marketplace. There are many other embryonic financial organizations in formation around the vision of capitalizing ventures devoted to personal and planetary transformation. A compassionate, open hearted capitalism embracing a passionate higher vision in a booming free market economy has great potential for brightening the future.

Now is the time to turn to the sun, the wind, the water, and the ethers for our energy. Let us empower each other to support the use of our ingenuity and natural resources. We are witnessing the birth of a sustainable global solar hydrogen economy which liberates us from the messy fuels of the past. Most modern wars have been fought over oil and energy. We can eliminate our dependency on foreign oil, create millions of new jobs, further the cause of peace, and help clean the environment simply by supporting unlimited clean electrical energy. Let there be Light!

John McConnell, the founder of Earth Day proposes the Earth Trustee Agenda: "Let every person and every institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics, and ethics that will provide a sustainable future, eliminate pollution, poverty, and violence, awaken the wonder of life and foster peaceful progress in the human adventure."

Where there is vision, the people prosper. And as the bible says, "where there is no vision, the people perish."

Perhaps we can dust off those grammar school models of the cities of the future. A Star of Hope shines in the new millennium skies. If we can simply align our will with the Divine Will: The beauty of the human heart, the brilliance of mind and the divinity of Spirit with a brighter new vision - we will not only survive, but thrive into a miraculous future where our children's children glow in the magic of life.

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and Earth
and the Earth was without form and void
and darkness was upon the face of the deep,
and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters
and God said, 'Let There be Light.'
and God saw the Light... And it was Good."

The Light Place to Be

From the first burst of light and sound
The color of love began as a note
then evolved into a tone
and became a sound
a rainbow chord vibration
The sweet song of creation

Each chord a radiance
of spectral light and shimmering sound
Birthing the magnificence of life in all its myriad forms...

This infusion of light in the heavens
ignited the essence of our heart
Each one of us a sacred part...

We are reborn
Transformed in a holy instant
At that moment
Of fusion in our essence...
In Oneness with this eternal sacred source
where all the archetypes of human experience
dance through our soul
On luminous waves of love...
For we truly are... all the love in the universe

Life is living ceremony
visual prayer
awakening insights
distant memories
deep remembrances...

The silent stirrings of sweet stillness
Awaken the flame of Mystery from the Heart of creation
Dancing dreams begin to unfold
All the mysteries will now be told
As a Golden Age is born
The True Age of Consciousness
Revealing that the Truth is the Light place to Be

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