Right at the shift of the ages and the turn of the millennium - just as civilization finds itself at a critical crossroads - a global information system has emerged capable of instantaneously connecting all of us. Simultaneously, humanity finds itself in a rapid spiritual awakening - what has been described as an acceleration, a grand catharsis, a quickening, a christing of consciousness. The Earth has grown a brain, expanded its mind, and is discovering its destiny in a planetary network of light. The combination illuminates the lamp of HOPE.

For thirty years, a French Jesuit Priest named Teilhard de Chardin wrote a variety of works which inspired James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis: The global ecosystem as a living superorganism, whose whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. He envisioned a stage of evolution where a complex membrane of information fueled by human consciousness enveloped our planet crystallizing into "a noosphere" (from the Greek noo, for mind). This global nervous system membrane is biological, spiritual, and technological; increasing neurons and expanding spiritual awareness in humans combined with advancing electronics in technology has given birth to a planetary thought network; a global net of self-awareness, instantaneous feedback, and planetary communication. As Chardin portrays this process, "a glow ripples outward from the first spark of conscious reflection; the point of ignition grows larger and the fire spreads in ever-widening circles, until finally the whole planet is covered with incandescence." Humankind is heading for an "Omega Point," an exciting convergence where the spiritual and technological fusion of Earth and human are birthing a vibrant consciousness leading to a new state of peace, passion, and planetary unity.

Though pre-internet, Chardin was certainly envisioning cyberspace as the technological component of the membrane: A vast electronic nervous system encircling the Earth through a constellation of connections of phone lines, satellites, and computer circuits coalescing into "the living unity of a single tissue," of collective thoughts. Or as John Perry Barlow summarized, "The point of all evolution up to this stage is the creation of a collective organism of Mind." But Chardin fervently and astutely insisted, "it is not just our heads or our bodies which we must bring together, but our hearts humanity is building its composite brain beneath our eyes its Heart - without which the ultimate wholeness of its power of unification can never be achieved."

We are now evolving a new awareness of the Earth as a conscious entity unified with its human residents, synchronistically and synergistically awakening. We are transitioning from experiencing the Earth as a physical biosphere, to knowing it as a noosphere - a miraculous organism with a mind and a heart, as well as a body. In this stage in the evolution of consciousness, an awakened humanity is merging through its spiritual and technological interconnectedness as Earth's new organ of spontaneous consciousness.

As a vital part of our alive and conscious Earth, at the very essence of our humanity, we acknowledge the Great Spirit of unity and love at the heart of virtually all spiritual traditions. So beyond any diverse dogmas or varying beliefs, what we all share when we put our ideas aside and join together in meditation or prayer is this same Great Spirit radiating at the source of our existence from the core of our hearts. Here we merge as One in heart, mind, and spirit, as the vital and transformative consciousness of the whole.

The Innernet: Thoughts Have Wings

Just as seven oceans connect all the land masses of Earth, or the sky links all regions of our planet, we are also connected through the medium of thought waves. On the inner plane, we are all subtly connected energetically on the "innernet." Because this energy is invisible, many people do not understand or accept this concept. Others, including myself, know how powerful our internal reality is in creating our external circumstances. Though operating on a more subtle level, thought waves are transmitted by the same scientific principles underlying the transmission of sound or light which powers telephones, the internet, radios, televisions, satellites, and other high technologies. Thought is vibration. At the source, all beings emanate from the highest and clearest source of light in the universe, referred to by most people as God or Spirit. In silence and clarity, here we may all unite in a planetary network of light.

The LightShift 2000 project is merging these two naturally evolving spiritual and technological forces for a noble higher purpose: to elevate the unified field of collective consciousness of humanity. Using the internet and other advanced and conventional technologies to organize, synchronize, and unify the unlimited beauty, passion, and power of the human spirit, we intend to bring together a critical mass of humanity on the "innernet," to help create the mindset for a turnaround in the course of human civilization.

Like the interconnected circles of the LightShift logo, one key will be for the entire global family to discard little differences and join hands in the beautiful spirit of universal love. We must now live larger than before. Many divisive and dogmatic walls blocking the natural flow of spirit must come tumbling down.

Another key will be for the various inspired individuals and groups who are working on transformational projects for a renewable, sustainable, and brighter future to find connecting points to amalgamate and focalize their inspired energy into unified endeavors. We have the need, the tools, the resources, the power, and the passion. Now, we must bring this all into alignment with universal love and enlightened vision.

The challenge of the new millennium will be for us to come together and open up our miraculous hearts, embrace the unity of the human family, and respond boldly to the true needs of the collectivity with beauty and inspiration.

Bright new hope illuminates tomorrow. In Earth in the Balance, Al Gore inspired by Chardin wrote, "armed with such faith we might find it possible to resanctify the Earth, identify her as God's creation, and accept our responsibility to protect and defend her."

And, for the very first time in the span of human history, the entire human family is joining hearts in a series of shining moments of
collective attunement, changing forever the inner sense and view we have with others - no longer disconnected and diverse strangers from distant traditions or faraway lands - but true brothers and sisters with a common purpose in a universal Circle of Life: A Planetary Light Network.

"Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire."
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955)

The Blessing

This brilliant Spirit
the essence we all share
bursting seeds of new consciousness
this life we all dare

From the molten magma of pure life force
a vibrant rainbow flame has now awakened
opening our hearts and minds
to ever brighter dimensions of love and light

We are the Ignition....
spiraling Starbursts in a Supernova
of Radiance
Perpetually interlinked
by the incandescent chord of holy Spirit
we breathe this smile of God and
feel the eternal OM of the Heavens.........Ommmmmmm

So let us soar Beyond....
Blazing brilliant trails into the unknown
Exploring our vast luminosity
Beyond mind....beyond form

Into incandescent sparkles of glowing divinity
dancing in rapture and surrender
with Mother Earth through the cycles of life
weaving the sacred tapestry
of infinite heart and soul....

We are a magic rainbow......
a synergistic unity
riding upon the crest
of the wave of destiny.
We are....
All the love in the Universe
We are....We Will....and We God's Will
May we serve this light from within
and spread our golden sunshine
throughout this sacred Land, forever
into Eternity

The Maharishi Effect

All forms of meditation are pathways to the great source of love and light at the center of our being, as are many other ways. Like the epithet, "one light, many paths," there are lots of doorways to the divine, and many effective meditation methods. Though it would be difficult to determine which is the best form of meditation, the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi's Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) certainly has collected the most scientific documentation for its efficacy. While this vast body of research was specifically done for this particular method, many people feel these benefits would apply to all forms of meditation.

David Orme-Johnson, Ph.D., Dean of Research of the Maharishi University of Management has compiled and edited a vast and powerful archive of scientific research on the benefits of the TM technique - the most significant body of evidence in the world on any program for developing human potential. Over 500 scientific studies from 200 independent universities and institutions in 33 countries have been published in over 100 leading scientific journals. Their conclusions all scientifically verify that meditation benefits virtually every area of life.

This global research documents TM's effectiveness for all cultural and ethnic groups, all socioeconomic levels, and all intellectual ranges. Furthermore, every age group benefits - from increased alertness in infants of meditating parents - to increased health, happiness, and longevity in the meditating elderly.

Scores of studies have also found that the reduction of stress in meditators creates a powerful influence of harmony in the energy of the environment at large. Scientists have named this phenomenon the Maharishi Effect - the finding that when just 1% of the population is meditating, the overall quality of life improves for everyone. This has been demonstrated, scientifically measured, and documented by a reduction in the symptoms of social stress such as delinquency, traffic accidents, and illness, as well as a reduction in political conflicts and improvement in international relations. Mass synchronized meditation has been proven to be the most powerful and effective technology for the implementation of World Peace!

Meditation and World Peace

Maharishi asserts that the single and most potent ecological influence is a pervasive unified field of collective consciousness - the collective influence of the consciousness of individuals that embody a society. Stressed individuals create an atmosphere of distress in the collective consciousness, influencing the thinking and actions of everyone. This is the same unified field Einstein and quantum physics recently discovered. Maharishi maintains that criminal behavior, drug abuse, armed conflict, and the other features of social stress are more than just the problem of individuals. Rather, the root cause is distress in the unified field of collective consciousness.

Maharishi concludes that the only practical way to heal large-scale problems is to approach them holistically - by creating coherence in the collective consciousness. Citing the general principle of science, that the coherent elements of a system exert an influence proportional to their number squared, Maharishi has estimated that 1% of the population practicing meditation would be enough to create an influence of coherence in collective consciousness capable of neutralizing the stresses which are the root cause of social problems.

Since 1979, published research has concluded that when a group of meditators located anywhere in the world is sufficiently large, that is, approaching the square root of 1% of the world population (7700), international relations improve and regional conflicts decrease world-wide! There are fewer violent deaths due to homicides, suicides, and traffic fatalities, a reduction in unemployment and inflation; and a general improvement in the overall quality of life.

This vast body of research concludes that the only viable means of reducing and eventually eliminating the age-old problems of society and creating world peace is the systemic approach of creating coherence and enlivening the unified field of collective consciousness. This is precisely the intention and purpose of the LightShift 2000 project: To create a quantum World Peace system of which we can all be a vital part.

The Maharishi research also documents the enormous physical and mental benefits of meditation.

Physical Benefits

Large health insurance studies have found that TM meditators in all age groups display a 50% reduction in both inpatient and outpatient medical care. Hospitalization is 87% lower for heart disease and 55% lower for cancer! Even more remarkable, meditators over 40 years old have approximately 70% fewer medical problems than others in their age group, and individuals in their mid-50s have a biological age twelve years younger than their chronological age!

Mental Benefits

Numerous studies have found that the practice of TM increases comprehension and improves the ability to focus, and is the best means of reducing anxiety, depression, and anger. Transcendental consciousness, the experience of one's higher Self, becomes a stable internal frame of reference, providing an unshakable sense of self. Meditators tend to perceive the world more positively and holistically. Creativity increases, as measured by tests of both verbal and pictorial fluency, flexibility, and originality. Perception becomes more accurate and less driven by preconceptions and misconceptions. Basic memory processes improve. School children who practice TM significantly improve in mathematics, reading, language and study skills within a semester. Studies of elementary school students, high school students, college students, and adults have found markedly increased IQ scores compared to non-meditators.

As Dr. Orme Johnson summarizes, "meditation is unparalleled in its ability to develop the unique and full potential of the individual, making a person more self-sufficient, spontaneous, productive, more capable of meeting challenges, and developing warm interpersonal relationships."

Taking daily dips into the sacred silent space within accesses a treasure chest of internal dimensions, and an eternal fountain of regeneration from the source of creation.

Critical Mass

There are far more radical claims for the power of meditation. Accounts of Tibetan lamas melting snow to stay warm in the Himalayas, levitation, spoon bending, and other paranormal feats are becoming common. The ability of the focused mind is awesome. In any event, four primary benefits have been established:

  • Meditation focuses and improves the quality of consciousness.
  • Focused consciousness improves the quality of our own lives.
  • Meditation and mass meditation increases the resonance of the
    unified field of collective consciousness.
  • A more harmonious unified field reduces social stress and positively
    enhances the overall quality of life. The family that prays together, stays together.
  • The concept of critical mass was popularized by a social science study known as the Hundredth Monkey Phenomena, authored by author Ken Keyes Jr., which I share with you in case you are not familiar with it.

    The Hundredth Monkey - A story about social change.

    The Japanese monkey, Macaca fuscata, had been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years. In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkey liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant. An 18-month-old female named Imo found she could solve the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream. She taught this trick to her mother. Her playmates also learned this new way and they taught their mothers too.

    This cultural innovation was gradually picked up by various monkeys before the eyes of the scientists. Between 1952 and 1958 all the young monkeys learned to wash the sandy sweet potatoes to make them more palatable. Only the adults who imitated their children learned this social improvement. Other adults kept eating the dirty sweet potatoes.

    Then something startling took place. In the autumn of 1958, a certain number of Koshima monkeys were washing sweet potatoes - the exact number is not known. Let us suppose that when the sun rose one morning there were 99 monkeys on Koshima Island who had learned to wash their sweet potatoes. Let's further suppose that later that morning, the hundredth monkey learned to wash potatoes.

    THEN IT HAPPENED! By that evening almost everyone in the tribe was washing sweet potatoes before eating them. The added energy of this hundredth monkey somehow created an ideological breakthrough!

    But notice: A most surprising thing observed by these scientists was that the habit of washing sweet potatoes then jumped over the sea. Colonies of monkeys on other islands and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama began washing their sweet potatoes. Thus, when a certain critical number achieves an awareness, this new awareness may be communicated from mind to mind. Although the exact number may vary, this Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of these people.

    But there is a point at which if only one more person tunes in to a new awareness, a field is strengthened so that this awareness is picked up by almost everyone!

    The Magic Number

    There is great debate as to just what the magic quantity of human catalysts constitute the quantum number to reach a critical mass which will trigger an explosion in global consciousness, capable of transforming all of humanity. There are various wavelengths on this issue. The most popular is that critical mass is one tenth of one percent of the world's population of 6 billion, or 6 million. Another school feels it will take one percent, or 60 million. The Maharishi formula calculates the magic number based on a scientific principle as the square root of the world population, or 7700. Osho Rajneesh said, "if we can create 10,000 buddhas, that is enough to save humanity." One thing is for certain: More is better. So we invite you to join the LightShift: For you may just be the "hundredth human."

    Princess Diana and the Unified Field

    A significant portion of human consciousness was unified in mourning for beloved Princess Diana,"a shining light on Earth, a brilliant star in heaven." It was a magnificent outpouring of the full spectrum of human emotion; a mixture of all the forms of love from pomp, to passion, to profound sadness.

    Yet it is unfortunate that it takes tragedy to bring the human family together. Wouldn't it be wonderful to come together with foresight and grand intention in radiant love rather than sorrow: To act rather than react, to celebrate rather than mourn. As Mohatma Ghandhi once said, "prayer from the heart can achieve what nothing else can in this world." A unified field of consciousness, possibly a critical mass was gathered during the Princess Diana funeral. Yet it was a reaction to catastrophe which pulled the human community together in sadness (as was the case with JFK, RFK, MLK, John Lennon, etc. etc.). Our LightShift hope and wish is to reverse this trend: Let's gather the human family together in brilliant spirit with grand intention - for together, we can cocreate miracles. I think Princess Diana and Mother Theresa are smiling on us, blessing and assisting us in orchestrating this millennial miracle from above.

    The Rolling Stones, Santana and Oprah

    I am humbled and honored to be a part of the LightShift series of meditations, and can attest to the exhilaration I feel everyday and every month at Noon during these shining times of collective attunement. And as this effulgent wave of light builds everyday toward critical mass, I look most forward to being a radiant cell in the luminous body of humanity which will merge in pure light in quantum numbers for the New Year's Eve meditations to ignite the spiritual light of the world.

    Yet, there are also numerous musical events already gathering huge numbers of people that also unify consciousness through the medium of sound and spirit, that could further boost the unified field with resonance to a higher octave. Imagine, if at a Rolling Stones concert for example, Mick Jagger led a few minutes of silent or sound meditation with a capacity crowd at Dodger stadium! Outlandish? I'd like to put this forth as a challenge to all those who have the power and care about the future of humankind. I hope a group like Santana will catch this wonderful wave of spirit. And what if the new thought television networks like Oasis or Millennium programmed times for collective attunements, hopefully aligned with the LightShift events. Or how about the wonderful and charismatic Oprah Winfrey getting into the act? Mass meditation and prayer has been proven to work wonders. We invite everyone to come together in the pure spirit of love to help boost the unified field. The time has come for all of us to be a radiant spark of the LightShift.

    "Come on people now, Smile on your Brother, Everybody get Together; Try and Love one another right Now."
    - The Youngbloods

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