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"Ken Kalb is to be congratulated for his unwavering intent to create a critical mass of people that will transform our society in the direction of peace, joy and love." - Deepak Chopra


LIGHTSHIFT 2000: Let's Turn on the Light of the World


by Ken Kalb

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ABOUT THE BOOK: A sourcebook for personal and global transformation in the new millennium. Potent insights, formulas, techniques, proofs, and strategies for elevating consciousness during this radiantly charged and prophetic time. The core issues, methods, and information at the heart of imagineering the miracle of the most powerful and postive shift in human history -- from calendrics to cosmology, new science to scientific studies of the unified field. A grounded, inspirational, thought provoking, and prophetic vision of the future.

Signed and Numbered First Editions, Just $11.99!

(128 inspirational pages -- beautifully illustrated by fine visionary artists)

ALL proceeds from LightShift 2000 -- The Book -- are donated to support the LightShift 2000 initiative!

ISBN:  0-9642927-7-7

LightShift 2000 in Spanish
PLEASE NOTE: Ascending numbers will be assigned on a first come first served basis. The First Edition is deluxe printed at ultra-high 2500 dpi resolution on 70 lb recycled paper, with beautifully gloss coated cover. We are now shipping LightShift 2000 immediately!Thankyou!

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