LightShift 2000 is a miracle in manifestation. Propelled by recurring visions, renowned cosmologist Ken Kalb mobilized to bring the human family together in prayer. Within a year, via a beautiful website ( and diligent networking, hundreds of thousands of people from all 50 States and 60 countries have merged in First of each Month Noon meditations. Globally, magazines have published "The LightShift Vision." The timetable seems on target for unifying a "critical mass" of humanity for January 1, 2000 and 2001 meditations, uniting lightworkers to help cocreate a brighter future.

LightShift 2000 -- The Book has a much broader scope. A masterful mosaic of personal and planetary transformation, it spans a full spectrum of modalities for elevating consciousness. Right at the shift of the ages and millennium, powerful forces converge for spiritual revolution. He traces the roots of this light shift from ancient prophecy. He proves the connection between elevating consciousness and improving life -- between mass meditation, resonance in the unified field, and the course of events. "Miracle Consciousness" mixes formulas for self empowerment complete with "30 Affirmations for Shifting Light." "Connecting with God" gives practical methods for contacting the higher Self. Making Time on Planet Earth explores the evolution of the calendar and its connections with consciousness. The Rites of Passage focuses ancient and modern cosmologies on "The Window;" the period between the Great 1999 Eclipse and May 2000 Grand Planetary Alignment, illuminating a brilliant vision of evolution through 2013. Let There Be Light surveys new technologies for liberating energy. Only once in a while does a great book like this come along.Beautifully written and illustrated, LightShift 2000 is a delightful, delicious. inspirational and empowering guidebook for "the most powerful shift in human history."

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