by Dorene Dungan

Ken Kalb takes us from the millennial prophecy of possible doom and gloom to to the solution humankind must learn to use in order to create a bright new Millennium... LightShift 2000.

Within these wonderful pages you will find the deeply touching illustrations of Oceanna as well as The Plan which will not only work, but will make each of us more aware of our eternal Oneness with God, Mother Earth, and humankind. Ken writes about the Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry, Male/Female proclivities and imbalances throughout the ages, the evolution of the calendar, free energy and the possibility of its use -- and how the Light works as we combine our power of Love to become True Creators as intended. As you read, you will find yourself becoming more excited about the new millennium and its precious possibilities.

This book will be a treasured addition to your metaphysical library, and LightShift 2000 will help us all to realize our Divine capabilities.

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