by Bernard Goodman

Ken Kalb's new book, LightShift 2000 is a masterpiece of enlightenment.

Its purpose is to awaken to the call for us to come alive with the passion and fervor for the gift of life.

The book is truly transformational, and is the next step for Planet Earth.

The sacred geometry on the cover shows the map of the future in its tapestry, grids, DNA strands, chakras and much more.

The book is well written with the "flame of evolution," and the "passion of healing" our planet and its inhabitants.

If we are to move to the year 2000, this book is a must read in the sense of showing us the road to that destination and beyond.

This book is one of the "future bibles" of our destiny.

To Ken Kalb I say, THANK YOU......for each part I read changes my life. Thanks, Ken, for following your heart and sharing it with the world!

Bernard Goodman, Port Hueneme, California

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