NAPRA ReView - Vol. 9, No. 5 - September 1998

LIGHTSHIFT 2000:Letís Turn on the Light of the World by Ken Kalb

$11.99, 0-9642927-7-7 - Lucky Star Press - 800-969-4401

If just one percent of a population meditates, it has been claimed by the transcendental meditationists of yore, the overall quality of life improves for the entire group. Called The Maharishi Effect by scientists studying it, this phenomenon is the basis for Kalbís call to selcome the new millennium with a true LightShift, a flooding of amplified light into the unified field of human consciousness, our fabulous "innernet.î The LightShift is a spiritual revolution for all the children of God in the Family of Human. Even now, says Kalb, hundreds of thousands of people are gathering to meditate synchronously at noon on the first of each month, preparing for One Day in Peace on January 1, 2000, and to bring about a true "pole shiftî in a shared vision of wholeness. This lively book, with instructions for a simple universal meditation, a fascinating chapter on calendars, and listings of upcoming peace activities, is a light-filled call to join the "family who prays together."

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