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Ken Kalb, Images by Allan Lundell & Sun McNamee
Interview with

Ken Kalb
Creating Peace On Earth
Through Group Meditation

by Scott Catamas

So who is Ken Kalb? Like many of us, when we look beneath the surface, he is an extremely, multi-dimensional and complex being. Ken manages to juggle being an Author, Publisher, Spiritual Person, and a Scientist-Astrologer. Actually, rather just your average Astrologer -- he refers to himself as a Cosmologist. In Ken Kalb's reality, life's not as simple as just merely "your sun trines your moon." There are many paths to the truth, yet only one light. A great weaver of dreams and caretaker of many high visions, Ken Kalb is now, most importantly, the creator and founder of the global Lightshift 2000 initiative, whose purpose is to turn on the inner light of the world.

Scott: Tell us about how you came to have your current world vision and how the Lightshift 2000 organization came to be?

Ken: Well, the original vision came when I died on New Year's Eve of 1968. I had been pronounced legally dead in a car crash, while returning home from a surfing trip in Southern Mexico. When this happened, I literally left my body and soared through space. I had this subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious experience where I left my body and became one with the moon. From there, I went beyond, into the celestial realms. The music of the spheres cradled me in divine grace. Suddenly, I saw the numbers "zero, zero, zero" and then a pure flash of light encompassed my being. When I returned back to my body, everything was now changed. The Federales realized, "El no esta muerto, " "He's not dead, he's alive." That moment was the genesis of the vision. I've had four or five other concrete visions of helping bring the human family together in spirit for January 1st, 2000. For the family that prays together, stays together.

Scott: Tell us about the other remembrances?

Ken: Well, the last time was on the Spring Equinox of 1997, last year. When I went up to see Hale-Bopp, the glorious comet, which thoroughly demarcated the shifting of the New Age. It was while I was at Mt. Shasta, (and I had just done an Indian sweat). While laying in the water, I just felt one of those beatific periods, where I was surrounded and infused in golden light. Everything felt perfect, and I was getting this message, "Call all the angels. Call all the Light-Workers. Unite the family of light -- in silence and light." Since it was the sixth time, I finally said, "Okay -- I'm going to do it." At first, I had a lot of resistance to it, because I knew it would completely change my life. So, that is how the LightShift 2000 project began.

Scott: Tell us what LightShift 2000 is all about.

Ken Kalb, Images by Allan Lundell & Sun McNamee Ken: Well, it's many things. The core is simply, that we're shifting into the "Age of Light". The easiest way to explain this is to call it a LightShift. On a personal level, it's an attitude adjustment. We can always choose to take the higher road. To celebrate what is most high. In every moment, we always have that choice. To either take the high or the low road. Right now, we're at such a critical point at the shifting of the ages, where we really need to unite on the high road. LightShift 2000, has three basic activities which we do on a collective level.

One activity is the World Peace Prayer Society. Every day at noon, simply repeat the affirmation, "May Peace Prevail on Earth." Right now, there are about twenty million people every day at noon saying this prayer. The concept of peace which we embrace in our internal reality helps influence and create our external reality. By millions of people repeating this affirmation, it helps create a receptive climate for the idea, and fertilizes the collective unconscious with that seed-thought.

The second activity of the trinity occurs on the first of every month at Noon, meditating for fifteen minutes focused on the pure light within each of us. This way, we can all synchronize our energies, and merge in the one thing which we all share -- our inner light, our divinity. What we're creating is a wave of light that builds and grows every month, leading up to three quantum meditations to engage as we cross into the new millenium.

Until then, we will keep the monthlies going. Hopefully, we will unite such an incredible, positive, critical mass for humanity that there will be an unprecedented unleashing of Kundalini love-and-light energy that will ignite the divinity in all of humanity.

Scott: Tell us about the differences we've seen in our world following the Maharishi effect of just one percent of the population meditating?

Ken: Well, Marianne Williamson had the seed idea of having a peace vigil during the Middle Eastern crisis. She called for a vigil from February 21st to 28th, with five minutes of synchronized meditation and prayer each day. At LightShift, we expanded it to 20 minutes. This literally got the message of peace out to millions of people. We felt that we, indeed, achieved the one percent successfully, and observed the Maharishi Effect.

There's a lot of debate as to what, exactly, critical mass is -- whether it is just one percent. One percent of the six billion people currently alive in the world would be six million people. Whenever, you get enough people meditating on the same beautiful vision, the same beautiful thought in synchronicity, it literally creates and manifests miracles. In my book, LIGHTSHIFT 2000, I reference the science which has proven this.

The reality is, on February 26th there was a peace agreement. All of a sudden the energy shifted, and though I can't tangibly prove that the meditation was the cause, there was indeed a synchronicity between the two events. I think this is a perfect example of the Maharishi Effect, mindful unified prayer performing a miracle. And, I think the Secretary General of the U.N. handled himself like a modern-day Gandhi.

Scott: Recently, I was in Washington, D.C. and had a meeting with a gentleman who works for the National Information Service. He's also a paranormal-metaphysical kind of guy. He said that the 26th was the day that they were planning to start the bombing. If that had happened, on the solar eclipse, when all those planets were in alignment, it would have been a message to the Earth that we humans still haven't gotten the importance of peace.

Ken: Exactly!

Scott: Don't you think the fact that we shifted and chose peace at least showed an expression of conscious growth?

Ken: It's a sign of the LightShift. In 1991, the Gulf War commenced on January 17th, which was a solar eclipse. This last February 26th, a lot of astrologers were going around saying, "Oh, it's a solar eclipse, there's going to be a war." My reaction was, "No way!" I mean, our fate has yet to be written or sealed. In other words, we create our future every moment, so let's just affirm that global peace is happening now. Let's be responsible for it.

At this point in time, war is absolutely no longer an option on this planet. Whether, it is war between individuals, communities, nations -- it's just got to end. In regards to the Middle East, we need to embrace the shadow of Saddam. I think he'd love to join hands with the global community. The way the situation has been handled, he has no other option. Saddam is going to have to put away his dirty stuff. We all need to clean up our act and embrace each other in love. Wouldn't that be an incredible turnaround?

Scott: How can people learn more about you?

Ken: Well, we've put together a beautiful website, www.lightshift.com. One of the underlying purposes of LightShift 2000 is to really bring the community of light together, in spirit and in silence. Break down the walls of separation, so there's only love and light. There's nothing to join.

In fact, the idea of LightShift 2000 is this: You start today saying, "May Peace Prevail on Earth" at noon every day. If you do this, and join in the monthly meditations on the first of each month for fifteen minutes, and continue doing so until the year 2000, you will simply experience about ten hours worth of bliss for the common good. That's the commitment of Light Shift. It's so very easy, and it's not a "religious type" of thing. Our belief is that love is the most transformative power in the universe. So, together, we wish to tap this awesome force for the greatest good.

Joining our meditations is one way. I've written a book called LIGHTSHIFT 2000 which really broadens the entire concept. It includes all of the issues and modalities available for elevating our own consciousness, which raises planetary consciousness, because everyone is connected. There are also LightShift 2000 events, where we try to bring together the beauty of the human heart, the brilliance of mind, and the divinity of spirit in all kinds of creative ways.

Ken Kalb, Images by Allan Lundell & Sun McNamee Scott: Tell us more about the book.

Ken: Well, first of all, it's about practical methods of elevating our own consciousness. I use the word "our own" because, when I elevate my consciousness, it elevates yours too. Even during the hard times, when we're up against the ropes, that's when we really need to dig a little deeper and shine a little bit brighter. The power of attitudinal healing is an important concept in the book.

Another aspect I cover is the history of the calendar. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the relationships between the Gregorian calendar, Western calendar and the Mayan calendar. So, I synopsized the entire history of time and day keeping. I also get into the cosmological influences from many perspectives. Notice that January first, which is one of the key dates for the ignition points of the quantum meditation, is right in- between two of the most powerful celestial events in history (the August 11, 1999 millennial solar eclipse and the Grand planetary alignment). Some Astrologers would look at that and say, "That's one nasty eclipse." There is also the May 3rd planetary alignment of seven planets, all lining up in Taurus. There's never been such a planetary alignment (in the last two thousand years -- anyway) of such intensity. Now, you'll notice that January first is the midpoint of those dates. The book spells out these flashpoints in a unique and exciting manner.

I was on tour with my last book, THE GRAND CATHARSIS, which focused a lot on this time period, which I call "the window." I've made a thirty-year standing prediction that there wouldn't be any major Earth changes until this window period. Now, if we can get a critical mass of humanity meditating in pure light, there may be no negative influences in the "window " to be concerned about. Because everything is consciousness. We're entering the true age of consciousness, and if our thought is one of love and light -- we can literally heal anything, and manifest miracles.

Scott: As you have been traveling, meeting people, what's your perception of how quickly we are shifting?

Ken: Well, as they say, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. I literally perceive one world dying, and another world being born. We are experiencing this birthing process --that's precisely what we're involved in. We're alive during a time, very much akin to the birth of Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. However, now it's a "we" birth. It's the birth of the Aquarian Christ blazing through all of our hearts as One. A portion of humankind is awakening rapidly to our unity in dynamic diversity, our oneness.

So is it happening fast enough? I believe that everything is part of an unfolding, divine plan. All is in absolutely perfect timing -- even when we don't think it is. This is because we overlay our own version of reality, "Oh, this isn't happening fast enough, " or "This is happening too fast, " or whatever! The one thing that I think everyone can agree on is that there seems to be this incredible acceleration happening. This quickening, this Christ-ing of energy. I call it the "Grand Catharsis".

I feel this is going to continue, and the planetary signatures certainly verify this. Right now, the Milky Way Galaxy is aligned on the same plane as the solstices and the equinoxes of planet Earth are astronomically. We're in this powerful cuspal vortex of the shifting of the ages. That's where all the energy, all the chi or juice is! During this time, the best thing we can do when things get intense is to be centered. I truly believe that by the year 2012 or 2013 (that very prophetic date so many people are talking about) that Homo Novis, (which is the new human) will be born. Our new culture will flourish and flower on this planet.

In this new world, all the genius of the human spirit will be allowed to flourish. Instead of the self-interested ways of the past, we will adapt life ways where this miraculous jewel of a planet will survive and thrive into a glorious future.

Scott: Any other personal beliefs you would like to share?

Ken: We are all brilliant light, encased in a small body of matter. Our real life is light -- we come from light, and we return to light. All that evolution is this quickening toward less density and more light. We're experiencing this in all kinds of ways. In myriads of incredible manifestations. The central realization is that there is a life way beyond this moment, we have on Earth. In fact, this physical form is about as dead as you can get, even if we're alive and very vibrant physical beings. I mean, when you're out of the body, you are just pure love light energy. You're just, "poof, " wired into all the energy in the universe.

Scott: Can you talk a little bit more about this, and how positive energy flows and it's effect?

Ken: My perception is that every situation can change completely with a different head on your shoulders -- with a different attitude. The attitude of gratitude is literally the master key to a better life, and making the most out of any situation. I think even in the most impossible circumstance, there is an answer. To me, you can take all of the healing modalities that there are (and I celebrate them all very much) but, God has created us so perfectly. We are totally self-sufficient human eco-systems -- the most incredible technology in the universe. With a good attitude, we realize our ultimate potential. If we get caught up in an attitude that isn't quite there, that's where we start blocking the flow of spirit. That's when we create resistance. (Which is when dis-ease starts popping up). Whether it's an emotional problem, where we don't feel that well about our circumstances or physical, which is congestion on some level. When we have an attitude of gratitude, it allows the flow of pure, holy spirit to come through us, and maximize and optimize our lives. It is, as healing modalities go, the best. I put it on the top of the mountain.

Scott: Thank you for your beautiful vision of the future. May Peace Prevail on Earth!

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