by Ariel

Laid in the lap of dreams
we have been
attempting to define
what lies between the worlds unseen
The slumber though sweet is now complete
to remembering the bliss of one mind
and know grace guides thy every step
Time flows ceaselessly
converging in the moment's ripening of N0w
to the dreams yet to unfold
for the seeds have been planted
Rain love
the petal's of the soul flowers to open
and shine their irredescent light
through the shadows of Maya
that attempt to bind the earth
and delay her cosmic journey
into the ever evolving spiraling consciousness
that seeks only to
express truth in it's everchanging forms
Divinely orchestrated
by both the seen and unseen
melding the moments between what was and is to be.
The lion bestows his kingly presence upon the lamb
who in it's humbleness averts the tyrant's blow
and thus softens the power
of those that claim absolutes
For polarity is born of union
and to union it shall return
trine to the light of true understanding
that knows the truth of Oneness
and embraces the profusion of creation
in all it's uniqueness
For deserving are they equally of the love and light
from which they arose
the light shines forth
on a new day
a new way
Into the darkness of form yet known
yet in love has grown
to be born upon the remains of yesterday
Now barren and decayed
for death has razed the way
for the dawning of the New Aeon
and we are her messengers
rainbow warrior
full spectrum being
ride alight the steeds of creation
Balancing power in the wake of love
into the glory of this new day

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