The Blessing

  This brilliant Spirit
the essence we all share
bursting seeds of new consciousness
this life we all dare
  From the molten magma of pure life force
a vibrant rainbow flame has now awakened
opening our hearts and minds
to ever brighter dimensons of love and light
  We are the Ignition...
spiraling Starbursts in a Supernova
of Radiance
  Perpetually interlinked
by the incandescent chord of holy Spirit
we breathe this smile of God and feel the eternal OM of the Heavens.........Ommmmmmm
  So let us soar Beyond....
Blazing brilliant trails into the unknown
Exploring our vast luminosity
Beyond mind....beyond form
  Into incandescent sparkles of glowing divinity
dancing in rapture and surrender
with Mother Earth through the cycles of life
weaving the sacred tapestry
of infinite heart and soul....
  We are a magic rainbow......
a synergistic unity
riding upon the crest
of the wave of destiny.
  We are...
All the love in the Universe
We are ....We Will.... and We God's Will
  May we serve this light from within
and spread our golden sunshine
throughout this sacred Land,
forever into Eternity

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