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Campaign For A New Jerusalem
Declaration 2001

We the people of the World, representing every nation, every religion, every race and ethnic group, hereby declare the Old City Of Jerusalem as the First International City Of Peace.

We declare "null & void" it's violent history of hatred born of it's repeated defeat, destruction, occupation and domination by various countries, cultures and religions.

We declare that Jerusalem belongs to all the people of the Earth and is destined to be a model of our highest collective potential for Harmony, for Holiness, for Light and for Love.

We declare that the only true Temple created by the Divine, and shared by us all, is the human heart.  The willingness to sacrifice even one life for buildings of stone, created my men and maintained by violence and fear -- in the name of God - is the greatest possible sacrilege and blasphemy.

We hereby call upon world governments and all religious and political leaders to work together swiftly for bringing the administration of the Old City Of Jerusalem under the authority, jurisdiction and supervision of the United Nations.

We call upon all people everywhere to acknowledge and embrace this Divine Moment to the end that Jerusalem may fulfill her destiny in becoming a living model of Peace, Justice and Harmony for the whole World.

I AM One More Voice For Peace & Sanity Now!

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