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The Grand Planetary Alignment of May 3-5, 2000

World Illumination Day

By Ken Kalb

As you gaze up into the heavens this Winter and Spring, witness Jupiter (brighter) and Saturn moving closer until they merge in late May. This marks the culmination of a period of powerful planetary conjunctions I have long dubbed "The Grand Planetary Alignment." This time provides a magnificent metaphysical portal of opportunity to make manifest all the growth and healing changes of the past cycle in our lives and in the world.

Yet the buzz through the grapevine can spin, amplify, and distort such events with warped information which leaves the simple truth eclipsed in darkness. With the popularity of widespread sensationalist literature, radio shows, and internet hysteria, bogus lore can spread like wildfire. We've seen this repeatedly -- witness the sensationalist frenzy whipped up around decades of Earth-change predictions, comet Hale-Bopp, or the Y2K bug. Cashing in on this lucrative fear formula, many books and articles have been written around the May 2000 period, portraying outlandish scenarios with everything from monster earthquakes, rising seas, geophysical pole reversals, 1000-mph winds, turnarounds of Earth rotation, and even a new ice age!

Then there is the humble and eclipsed truth of the matter, which is what we shall seek and soon find. The metaphysics of this alignment are so unique and awesome that millions of people will celebrate this event in song, meditation and prayer as "World Illumination Day." (See www.lightshift.com -- Vital Information). Let's dive in.

By the morning of May 3, 2000, all 7 visible or "conscious" planets -- the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn -- all align within a tight geocentric (Earth- centered) sector of 27 degrees of Taurus, with massive Jupiter in the middle of the configuration -- significant for understanding astrological/psychological influences. From a heliocentric (Sun-centered) view - which explains physical influences on the Sun, and in turn the Earth -- the planets loosely align -- in a far less severe 53-degree arc in space over 3 zodiacal signs. Thus, the influence of the Grand Alignment is principally psychological rather than physical. The fact that the 11-year sunspot cycle is peaking in synchrony with this alignment can obscure this issue, as solar max years are always times of intensified seismicity and bizarre weather. Like the August 11th eclipse, the main focus is on the inner planes, which is where the great shift happens.

Venus rules the feminine principle, goddess archetype, anima, and internal creative source. In mythology, Venus was Aphrodite, goddess of love and mother of Cupid, god of love. She is a furnace of affection as well as ruler of the healing arts. She also rules beauty, the arts, sensuality, nature, and Taurus, sun sign of the Buddah, and only Earth sign which is also fixed. In the sky it is the largest of constellations with the seven sisters of the Pleiades adorning its Geminian cusp. It is symbolized by the Bull, with its glyph also representing the coiled serpent power of the kundalini. Its compressive energy is the primordial divine force which transmutes matter into spiritual will where the physical becomes the vehicle for refining and raising the soul's quality and evolution. Its higher evolution calls man to master matter, rather than matter mastering man -- a key lesson of this celestial flashpoint.

This Taurean evolutionary spectrum ranges from the native who is compulsively acquisitive or immersed in the lessons of money -- to the Buddah who so wisely reminded us that "attachment is the cause of all suffering." The keyword of Taurus is "I have," interpreted by materialists as possessions, and seekers as the Great Harvest reaping the gifts of health, peace of mind, and happiness. The higher evolution understands that the greatest possession of all is love or holy Spirit -- the only thing which indeed is real. Dwelling in brain bound intellect and dense physical reality perceives the world very differently from a soul and spirit aligned with the will of the divine.

Like the Moon aligning with the Sun each month, the conjunction is the most powerful of aspects and represents the birth of a cycle. Taurus rules the second house of values, and the Grand Alignment will be a flashpoint for manifesting what is truly sacred and of value in our lives. That the planets also align on a plane with the central Sun of the Pleiades flavors the vibrational field with the themes of this sensual and illumined energy.

The key to our individual responses to this intensified force field will be our level of evolution or "vibration." At the evolved level, this time represents a spiritual opportunity for a great evocation of the powers of the soul: a grand remembrance and awakening of the eternal feminine or goddess energy within the collective psyche of humanity. The Grand Alignment has the potential of opening the heart of humanity and unleashing an unprecedented surge of light and light -- unlike anything we have ever experienced!

The planet's are external manifestations of internal components of our psychology -- spinning vitally in our chakras. This May with seven planet's aligning -- seven chakras are awakening, merging and manifesting a new turn on the evolutionary spiral. It is only in alignment that there is fullfillment, only in agreement that there is manifestation. Something wonderful is about to happen as the alchemy of kundalini serpent power unleashes in this Venusian ruled feminine Earth sign this Spring. Like a supernova birthing a new star, the nurturing and healing energy of the eternal feminine is being reborn on Earth!

Two thousand years ago, the Magi of the court of King Herod in Israel predicted that a total Solar Eclipse would precede the unusually bright Star of Bethlehem marking the birth of the messiah of the Piscean age. Last August's awesome fixed cross Total Solar Eclipse dawned 9 months before the May 17, 2000 illumination of Venus and Jupiter (and Mars) lighting up like as one big "star." Perhaps this marks the birth of the Aquarian messiah -- blazing through all of our hearts as One -- awakening and energizing our collective spirit with newborn radiance?

Eleven days later, expansive Jupiter and sobering Saturn conjoin in the sky. This is a time where we distill our domain to include only those elements which serve our growth -- the master alchemy of separating the lead from the gold.

Like the springtime song of birds singing praise to Mother Nature, Taurus rules the voice, sound, and song -- the physical source of soul force. Venus also rules music, expressed by masters Beethoven, Schubert, and Wagner with Taurus rising, or Brahams with Sun in Taurus. As David Crosby exalts, "music is love," and as Grateful Dead sing "let there be songs to fill the air."

So as the planet's grandly align at the new Moon on May 3, from 8:41 to 9:41 pm pdt (9:11 pm is the new Moon), please join your radiant light in meditation, song, prayer, and praise on World Illumination Day. For together, we will ignite the inner light of the world.

This is a modified expert from Ken Kalb's remarkeable book LightShift 2000: Let's Turn on the Light of the World (available from amazon.com or local bookstores). Ken has been the vortex of the LightShift 2000 global peace initiative which brought millions together at midnight on August 11, 1999 and January 1, 2000. He has 30 years of professional astrological experience. He is the director of the Lucky Star, an interpretive astrological service. Please see their website at: www.luckystarz.com. For more information on World Illumination Day, please see www.lightshift.com (Vital Information).

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