By Ken Kalb
My heart knows that everything is part of an unfolding Divine Plan, that everything happens in its own perfect timing, and is part of a single source of all that is and ever will be. Any doubts or misunderstandings are simply from myr esistance to the flow of Spirit -- a current which is always present, in balance, and right in the light. I know that all of my experience is a mirror and an opportunity to demonstrate my true goodness and mastery. For each and every one of us is a masterpiece: No one can hold a candle to our unique magnificence -- the core star of who we are. I know my inner world shapes my outer reality, so my happiness simply depends on the quality of my thoughts and feelings. We all have the power within to transform our lives to be born to the glory of our own true self. Beyond the ups and downs, the inevitable twists and turns of fortune, let us embrace the whole of our lives in gratitude. This attitude of gratitude is the master key to a brighter life and a better world. Our LightShift -- where our illumination, revelation, opportunity, discovery, and destiny awaken. For within each of our hearts is the treasure of joy. And as the ancient Chinese proverb affirms, "One joy scatters a hundred griefs."

I am thrilled to cross this threshold into the 21st century with you, and feel the mounting surge of passion in the heart of all humanity. This excitement elevates the frequency of our thoughts and emotions, igniting our collective Heart with fresh hope and deep compassion. Together, we are imagineering a miracle, and the magic is abounding and astounding. We are all being born through this magnificent membrane in time: A millennium. It is our sacred destiny to be here now during this treasured moment. So let us approach each moment as though it were our first and our last. Like Jesus once said, "the works that I do, ye shall do and greater than I have done." May we dig a little deeper and shine a little brighter than we ever have before. With hearts of compassion pumping with fresh passion, may we the new millennium be born in the glory of love.

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