Homo Novo

Dawn of a New Species on Planet Earth

© Ken Kalb 1995

The cell is the basic component of life in the living body, the primary environment. The genetic material responsible for the transmission of characteristics from one generation to another is contained in helical molecules called DNA, organized into chromosomal strings where genes are located. Geneticists tell us that mutations or changes in our gene pool are oftentimes the result of the mechanisms of radiation and speciation, though I am convinced there is more to the story of human origins than Darwinian evolution currently elucidates. However, DNA is merely the material or physical component of genetic transmission. Nobel prize winner Rupert Sheldrake points out the existence of morphogenetic fields which transmit the essence of any and all creation from its source through its resonances. Thus, changes in the frequency of consciousness can alter the cell.

Consider the difference between a plant neglected in darkness and watered improperly, to one nourished in perfect light with music, water, and love. The difference can literally be between life and death. With the galactic shift of the ages from the water sign of the past and last sign Pisces, to the radiant Uranian air of Aquarius, as well as the shift of all outer planets from Saturn through Pluto from water and earth signs, to dynamic fire and air signs—the entire zodiac is lightening and lighting up.

In the Spring of 1996, Saturn in Aries and Pluto in Sagittarius will both form sextiles to Uranus in Aquarius; A crystalline Star of David formation activating a positive energy resonance which opens a gateway for attunement and ascension to higher dimensions. For those on a path of love and light, the universe is fertilizing and irradiating the alchemical brew of mass consciousness, welcoming the path of least resistance toward a cellular mutation from those who fear and control. And for those on the fear and control path, this intensified cosmic amperage may well result in a shocking toxic charge, and the fight of their life. The brighter the light, the darker its shadow—so the schism between those living a luminous spiritually centered, and a dense materially oriented existence will widen and eventually break into an evolutionary split in the human species.

In the symbology of the Mercurual Hermetic caduceus, we see Martian and Venusian kundalini energy serpentining through our seven chakras culminating at the third eye, the seat of higher consciousness. From this seat, we can unleash this powerful energy through the bridge of the Chironic gateway to the greater galactic dimensions of our higher chakras and outer aura. Higher consciousness thus grants citizenship to the galaxy.

Congestion on any level is the cause of disease; clarity the source of health and power. For those whose chakras are clogged and emotions confused, this infusion of light may stir up quite a venomous internal concoction. This will create the need for much cleansing, and during the tenure of toxicity, things could get very scary for many. But for those who are clearer, this increased luminosity will result in a greater awakening of consciousness into what yogi’s call, superconsciousness. Natural extrasensory powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and manifestation will be available to those in harmony with the divine mind, will, purpose, and heart. Indeed, this promises to be a period of much magic and many miracles.

One need only peek at our miraculous children to understand the change our species is in the process of making. Many are the sons and daughters of parents who have lived on a "diet" of much more attuned thoughts, lifestyles, foods, and awareness. Sparkly-eyed, joyous radiant master beings with mind boggling intuitive knowledge. I have lots of 3- to 9- year old friends who grace me with their clarity, their beauty, their humor, their wisdom; and bless me with their wonderful friendship. It may simply be their powerful will to live which creates our future.

This ascent into the next stage of evolution, the Age of Light, has been seeded in our DNA to activate with the shift of the ages with the appearance of a new human species; Homo Novo. As one age dies and another is born, as one millennium ends and another begins; on this razor’s edge in time, a new seed base will germinate a planetary flowering. Like the new star born of Jupiter in Arthur C. Clark’s 2010, something wonderful is about to happen. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi claims "only one tenth of one percent of humanity is needed to usher in world peace." Lightworker’s must now unite to co-create our future!



Homo Novo is a healer not a destroyer. It lives in the heightened vibration of the eternal now in the present moment. It eats less, lives on lighter food, exercises regularly, and lives life in harmony with its environment. It is a farmer and a gatherer, yet can fish. It enjoys plants, herbs, and the essences of flowers. It can perform many functional talents, and often engages in trade or barter. It is multidimensional, etheric, and very sensitive, and seems to live in between the physical and nonphysical dimensions. It likes to work about as much time as it likes to play. It loves to swim, hike, run, and jump. It chants, sings, dances, often plays musical instruments, loves nature, and celebrates all forms of life. It lives simply and smiles alot. It lives to love, loves to love, and loves to live. It is a spiritual warrior who laughs like a child, yet is fully committed to honoring its source. It bonds in conscious mutually empowering relationships which it considers sacred. It sometimes lives in tribes which perform rituals at the equinoxes, solstices and other key times in rhythm and harmony with the cycles of the heavens. It has been genetically engineered and naturally selected to be a masterpiece of creation, and a master of the universe.

In the process of this change, it may seem difficult to recognize or understand. But, ten lifetimes from now, when I reincarnate as an anthropology professor at the University of the Pleiades, I’ll point toward the residents of planet Earth back at the dawning of the Third Millennium, and map out this split, just as anthropologists today claim Australopithecus became Pithecanthropus. Of course by then, I expect to see Homo Novo flourishing and flowering in its radiant new culture, built out of the ashes of its predecessors, complete with regularly scheduled flights to the heavenly bodies, which laugh and sparkle so brilliantly in the magnificent night sky.

This excerpt from Ken Kalb's new book, The Grand Catharsis, has been edited especially for Perceptions Magazine.

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