by Ken Kalb

LightShift is a spiritual revolution. It is a call from spirit, by spirit, and for spirit to unite in our silence and our light with grand intention. We believe that this is the singular most powerful thing we can do to boost the frequency on this planet to raise the light quotient to the point of critical mass awakening. We also feel this surge will permeate into all areas of life and positively impact the course of civilization on Earth.

In essence, spirit is energy which manifests as light. As we evolve, we become more light and less dense. Powerful waves of awakening are now surging on Earth as our natural evolution and spiritual destiny. The more light each of us can anchor, the more good we can do for each other and our planet. Banding together in this elevated frequency, we create a circuit whose resonance can create miracles. By synchronizing a quantum of beings in this spirit, we concentrate our intensity and form the radiant core from which a mass illumination ignites. For this is indeed the manifestation of the Aquarian Christ -- blazing through each of our hearts as one.

 May all Lightworkers now unite to co-create our future!

For it is only in alignment that there can be fulfillment; only in unity where we create manifestation. Though there may be great diversity in our lives, we all share a divine spark, a luminous core of light from the great heart of God. Around this core, may we find the unity in our diversity, and the harmony in our variety to rally for this noble purpose.

Can consciousness change the course of history? Most certainly! If we shift our own consciousness, our life changes; look at the incredible transformation of Baba RamDass from Richard Alpert as a case in point. Or consider how different you feel before and after a deep meditation, a good workout, a massage, dancing, sexual union, or a gut wrenching belly laugh: Our vibration and attitude modulates our world. Like a moth in chrysalis transforming into a butterfly, we can shift our individual reality. So collectively, particularly in a massive united effort, we can transmute the course of life and history in a similar metamorphosis.

LightShift 2000 was born from a reoccuring vision of divine instructions before it became manifest in a plan. Now the plan is evolving, growing and creating itself out of the wonderful linkages, inspirations, and partnerships which are being engendered everyday. It amazes me that after billions of years of evolution -- right at the shift of an age and the entrance into a new millennium -- when our very own survival is at stake -- we have a global communication device through which we can all connect and share. We wish to use this tool for its ultimate purpose.....for the common good of humanity.


Our people need us, Mother Earth calls us to serve her desire to survive and thrive. We yearn to turn the current destructive course around into a sustainable and renewable life. We hear the sound of the heavens silently beckoning us from within. We feel the heart of God calling those who live for the flame of love. When there are enough feathers on a wing, a bird is ready to fly. And when the wings gracefully synchronize, there is flight.

Let us come together........ together as One........for this radiant millennial moment is ripe with promise.

In the silence of our essence, we share the wellspring of creation. From this sacred place, we are given the rare opportunity for a grand alignment of spirit, a linkage of love, an awesome outpouring of hope. You, my friend, are the lightshift.....the hope of the future.

January 1, 2000 is the radiant millennial moment when we can assemble as this quantum of humanity necessary to form this awesome core of light. You are invited, welcomed, and blessed to be part of this core. Let us join together in unity from our vast diversity, where the divinity in all of us radiantly glows. For together........

We Will Turn On The Light of the World!

"A joyful heart is the invevitable result of a heart burning with love"

--Mother Theresa

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