Miracle Consciousness

By Ken Kalb

I know that when I think, feel, speak and act in unity, my life flows like a river to the sea. These simple alignments within myself create the process of spontaneous manifestation, otherwise known as miracles. I know that the supreme intelligence, the divine mind that manifested the miracle of creation is a unified force field of pure light energy. I know this unified field through my heart as love. I know my spirit is brilliant light, encased in a body of matter. I also know that in any moment, I can align with this creative intelligence and find peace, abundance, and joy, for God loves us so prolificly. And I know that only in alignment can there be fulfillment and manifestation.

The Bible says, "with God all things are possible." Spirit indeed knows no limits. I know that when I surrender my heart in deep love and devotion to God, I align with my soul, my spirit, my gifts and talents, my purpose, and my will. Here I am in the creative vortex of the wave of life where everything flows, grows, and glows. 

Congestion of the life force on any level is the cause of illness or disease; clarity the source of health and power. If we are confused in our mind, we cannot act; when we are emotionally upset we feel down or depressed, and when we have a physical ailment, our bodies feel pain which influences how we think and feel. Removing the blockages to the flow of spirit through our bodies, our hearts, and our minds is the universal solvent. 

For every single particle of our physical body, every fiber of our being is in communion with each particle in the cosmos. Every space within our physical body communicates with all spaces in the universe. Energy and matter flow without interruption between the universe and us. Our thoughts extend to and from universal thought -- our mind flows seamlessly within the cosmic mind sea. Know, feel and unify with this spiritual presence, for we are the presence. When we allow God's energy to dance through our being, we are in alignment with our spiritual center -- our primary alignment.


Close your eyes and let the mind expand

Let no fear of death or darkness arrest its course

Allow the mind to merge with Mind

Let it flow out upon the great curve of consciousness

Let it soar on the wings of the great bird of duration

Up to the very Circle of Eternity


God, the ultimate source of energy and divine love, radiates as light equally through all hearts of every being, no matter what religion, lack of religion, race, belief, nationality, or net worth. Light and love are immutable, despite what they are named or how they are perceived. There is no power greater than God, and our capacity to receive, give, and share love and light is our richest treasure. This treasure is accessed through consciousness. When we are being true to our self, our alignment with Spirit ignites the magical fountain of miracles from the infinite well of the light of the universe.

In the beginning there was God, the Source of Light. He is the one Lord of all beings. He upholds the earth and the heavens. He it is to whom we offer our oblations.

-Rig Veda

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