My Dream 2000

by Robert Muller

(Chancellor of the University for Peace and

Former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations)

I Dream...

That on 1 January 2000

The whole world will stand still

In prayer, awe and gratitude

For our beautiful, heavenly Earth

And for the miracle of human life.

I Dream...

That young and old, rich and poor,

Black and white,

Peoples from North and South,

From all beliefs and cultures

Will join hands, minds and hearts

In an unprecendented, universal

Bimillennium Celebration of Life.

I Dream...

That the year 2000

Will be declared World Year of Thanksgiving

By the the United Nations.

I Dream...

That during the year 2000

Innumerable celebrations and events

Will take place all over the globe

To gauge the long hard road covered by humanity

To study our mistakes

And to plan the feats

Still to be accomplished

For the full flowering of the human race

In peace, justice and happiness.

I Dream...

That the few remaining years

To the Bimillennium

Be devoted by all humans, nations and institutions

To unparalleled thinking, action,

Inspiration, elevation,

Determination and love

To solve our remaining problems

And to achieve

A peaceful, united human family on Earth.

I Dream...

That the third millennium

Will be declared

And made

Humanity's First Millennium of Peace.

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