by Dan Millstein


Violence has been a way of life in prisons, hidden in the darkness of separation, behind razor wire and walls of shame. Like cancer in the human body it slowly eats away at our health and drains our resources. Visions for Prisons, a non-profit prison ministry which uses meditation and Attitudinal Healing as healing agents, is sponsoring PIP2000. For this one day event, 1/1/2000, no prison on the planet will experience violence of any kind. No incidents, no fights, no attack thoughts.

By beginning our practice now, prisons and prisoners will send a message to every thinking being that non-violence is possible. Parents will see that they need not hit their children, gang members will step out of fear, and the world will change itís mind. Visions for Prisons provides guidelines to practices that promote a peaceful state of mind and will coordinate efforts to network prison volunteers who teach and support prisoners in their efforts.

Visions for Prisons has been teaching in prisons for 10 years with great success and was the recipient of the 1995 International Jampolsky Award for innovative use of Attitudinal Healing in prisons. We are limited only by financial restraints as we accept no money except by contribution from people who care. Please reflect for a moment on how you can join in this critical mass experiment. Could you help? Would you help? When?

Please reprint this and send to your friends! Thank You.

Please Contact:
Dan @ Visions for Prisons
POB 1631
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

Dan Millstein has been teaching meditation to prisoners for years. He has also distributed many copies of LightShift 2000 -- The Book by Ken Kalb into the Prisons.

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