L O V E.......Invisible Strings

by L. Groff

Love, the Great Mediator, resides in the never-ending sphere of our spiritual heart.

Love is life's motivation, and has the ability to drip over the edges of our personality,

and saturate it with simple goodness.

Love is capable of absorbing the appearances of supposed absolutes,

transforming them into all possibilities.

Love is contagious and habit forming, having no need for condition nor explanations

Love is the passageway into the beauty of life; it cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed, for

Love is natural law.

Love, in its exquisite simplicity, can wear away the hardest stone of the heart, and is non-deceiving.

Love is the capstone for the pillars of forgiveness and hope.

Because of its eloquence, we have called it the Great Mystery...yet it is no mystery.

It is the purpose of every breath, every heartbeat.

Love permeates everything; for it is

the most magical of all Invisibles.

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