World Peace Treaty

April 7, 1998

We, as citizens of the planet earth, and as children of the Reality of Love known as God, Yahweh, Allah, Jah, and the Great Mother, Divine Light, and many other names, hereby commit ourselves to observe the following ideals, established for the benefit of all beings.

1. We agree to establish peace, both inner and outer, as our highest ideal. By choosing this ideal in every relationship and undertaking we agree to assist humanity in the shift from a world based on the rules of fear to the laws of love.

2. We agree to work for peace in every possible way. Both within ourselves and within the world. In doing so we take an active part in the transformation of humanity form the competitive ideologies that are the cause of war to more harmonious relationships that are the cause of peace.

3. We agree to assist others in the pursuit of these same ideals. In doing so we recognize that we are one in the consciousness, and that the benefit of one leads to the benefit of all.

4. We agree to accept the guidance of all beneficent celestials, all the angels and the emissaries who have come to assist us in this transformation. By surrendering to their guidance we move closer to the reality of love they represent.

5. We agree to actively release the fearful, separating thought forms that have bound us to the destructive patterns through which we view each other and the world. By releasing these patterns we make room for new ideas that nurture our relationships rather than destroy them.

We will no longer wait for the leaders of the world to make these choices for us, recognizing that for them to be real, binding and lawful, we must make them ourselves. Therefore, we establish this treaty of peace for the benefit of humanity and take full responsibility for the work it entails. By signing this treaty we make a solemn oath to transform our lives to reflect these ideals, knowing that the world itself will be transformed as we change our minds about the world. We claim this reality NOW, knowing that reality is activated first in mind, then in the world. And through our collective decision, we envision and create a new world, transformed by the love and commitment this treaty embodies. It is done, and it is done through each one of us.

James F. Twyman
April 7, 1997

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