Y2K and LightShift

By Ken Kalb

With all the panic stricken attention being paid to speculations of possible bleak scenarios from the Y2K millennium bug, many people have asked about its relationship to LightShift 2000.

The spirit of LightShift is to make the best out of any moment or situation. To "dig a little deeper, and shine a little brighter." For "in every moment, there is an answer."

Imagine the intensity of millions of beings merged in the beauty of divine light. Love will erupt with a mighty roar and soar through the pores of everything.

In the face of adversity true friendship is born. All of the questions of these times -- war, Earth changes, economic instability, terrorism, Y2k, etc. -- are calling us to be at our best and our brightest. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "friendship can be considered to be the masterpiece of nature." Love is the etheric glue which binds our hearts and souls.

When staring challenge right between the eyes. it's no time to run. If the utilities go down and the lights go out, it's time to ignite our inner light with all our might. For "we are the children of love's first light."

Collectively, by coming together and creating more resonance in the unified field of consciousness -- the field is fertilized for miracles. If the energy is right, the best outcome will prevail. Personally, to stay as calm and centered as possible is the best strategy. Both of these conditions are prime focuses of LightShift 2000.

Y2K serves as a catalyst for people to come together as a human community. To accelerate efforts to grow food, produce energy, and be self sufficient. Y2K is here to remind us that technology is not God, that to become too dependent and subservient on machines is a massive vulnerability.

I've heard many of the prognostications of the apocolyptic possibilities of Y2k alarmists. As I see it, there are two basic predicaments:

A. The circumstance created by the "fear of Y2k," i.e. the run on the banks, etc., and

B. The reality of the disruptions caused by the bug.

I think predicament A might just be a bigger dilemma than B. On point one, there is a thin line between preparedness and paranoia. Paranoia is the progenitor of failure. Point two is a humongus question mark.

Y2K may very well level the lumpy playing field. It may indeed cause power outages, gas and food shortages, disruptions, inconveniences, economic difficulties, social disorder, etc. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." It also may simply cause repairable sporadic disruptions. Let us not allow our fears to become self fullfilling prophecy. Sure, let's make whatever preparations are appropriate, and then open our hearts and relax. It is a time to come together and share our greatest resource: Our Selves..... our goodness, kindness, mastery, talents, resources.-- and, our love. If PG and E's lights go out, that's prime time to turn on the inner light: LightShift!

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