Our Sacred Marriage

From "The Grand Catharsis" by Ken Kalb

I feel the sacred earth between my toes connecting me to this miraculous planet. I breathe the gift of vibrant prana. I feel the warmth of the life giving Sun kissing my face. I see the birds dancing on the limbs embracing the nectar of flowers. I feel the devas chuckling and fluttering in my ethers. I am humbled in the knowing of the delicate relationships and balances of nature which support all life forms. I am honored to be a conscious part of the One Great heart, a divine marriage with our Creator. I am a child of the stars, a flash of the source of which we are all a part. I know I have lived before, will live again, and will always live...be it here or in another realm. I am honored and blessed by my angels and guides and the perfection of the unfoldment of all events. I walk in the presence of an entire heirarchy of etheric beings. Through my self love, I am granted access to all love.

Fresh light is now flooding our planet, infusing each of us with greater radiance. May we surrender to the abundance of gifts this new energy affords, and share it with our brothers and sisters. Hoist up our heart's sail into the light and steer it with our clear intention. The reflections will create a synergistic contagion of joy, goodness, compassion, creatio4 n, invention, love, light, and laughter. Steer our ship away from any negativity and darkness. Assist those with whose energy frequency we align. It is from the source of this new energy that we are cocreating a new paradigm which will thrive into the future.

As we advance into the Aquarian period and approach the new millennium, may we affirm to move forward holding the highest spirit with grand intention. At this time, may we come together as one heart, in love and sacred union with our Creator. Let us honor the divine plan as our spiritual destiny unfolds, elevating us into brighter light, fuller love, and higher consciousness. In the sanctuary of our heart, may we make the sacred committment to uphold the christ spirit of pure, unconditional love, light, and power. As children of the source in this great family of beings, may we marry this knowledge, wisdom, and purity with our actions in all moments of our lives. May we inspire, assist and remind one another to be centered in this marraige. Please remember, we are all blessed by Father-Mother God in the Holy Spirit, and assisted by the ascended masters, mighty archangels, and our personal angels, guides, friends and loved ones in our transformation on this pathway of light. From the radiance of the central Sun to the sparkle in each of our eyes, we unite in light. Let us cocreate our new world in this spirit.

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