from The Great Experiment

1. Opening:

Begin with this affirmation, said with great power and committment:

I am an Emissary of Light.
I extend this Light to all beings, in compassion and love,
knowing that they are one within me.
this moment the world is healed
and I along with it.
I will it and it is so.

2. Then spend five minutes creating a sound (such as "Om") to carry the spiritual energy and vibration. This can be done with a single tone or by singing a song such as "Amazing Grace."

3. Spend five minutes in silence allowing your spirit to receive the light and love which you yourself extended to the world.

4. End with this prayer:

"It is done!
I am one with all and all is healed.
Let love reign where fear once was.
I accept this for myself and for the world.
I am an Emissary of Light now and always. Amen"

Then, with reverence, bow your head and thank God for this grand opportunity. The universe gives thanks to you for being part of this great experiment.

[Prayers & Meditations]