Sacred Circle

(Great for group prayer)

May we release all thoughts of past and future

and center in the radiance of the Eternal Now.

May we engage that eternal light connection which binds us to

each other and unify as One.

May this energy flow through us and connect

with the heart of the Great Spirit

manifest as the original vibration of OM,

the essence of All That Is.


May we feel all the blessings of this divine light flowing

through us, spiraling through each chakra,

blessing, sanctifying, and renewing us, until that energy

flows radiantly through the root chakra to

the heart of the Mother.

Here may we be cradled in dynamic balance between the

Mother and the Father, as a beloved Child of the Universe,

a vibrant and sacred part of the whole.

May we feel all the vital energy of the Universe

coursing through us as One.

For this healing, blessing, and awaremess,

we Give thanks.

We are all fully present in this moment,

balanced and sanctified, fully conscious at all levels,

integrated and whole. We are centered in our

Higher Self, and here we begin our work....


We come together to Will the conscious

awakening of all of humankind; an awakening to the

Higher Self -- an awakening to our Oneness.


May our will be guided by the Will of God

Let us be a clear and perfect channel for

the Divine Will of the Universe,

Mother¾ Father God, All That Is.

May we fully be

the Light Bearers that we are.


May each human heart feel connected

To the divine Heart of humanity

May each mind know its connection

To the divine Mind of humanity,

May each soul express itself fully and reign glorifully

over it's vehicles of mind and personality.


May all of humanity live from the glory of the Higher Self,

May those who slumber in illusion

awaken to the divine Reality.

May those who resist the Call to Awaken

enter into the process of Self-realization.

May those who hold fast to duality

Be blessed with awakening to the Greater Reality of Oneness.

May it begin with us

For we are each radiant cells in the body of humanity

Glowing in the light of divinity


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