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1. LIGHTSHIFT 2000: Let's Turn On the Light of the World! by Ken Kalb  
A beautiful new book by Ken Kalb covering the full spectrum of positive personal and global transformation -- from the power of prayer to mystical cosmology. Filled with practical methods to assist a turnaround from the destructive course of civilization to a positive future for our children. 128 pages beautifully illustrated with visionary art. $11.99 each   Quantity: ___

2. THE GRAND CATHARSIS: An Astrolog of the Shifting Ages by Ken Kalb
Ride the accelerated waves of change into the Aquarian age into the 21st century with a masterful metaphysician, astrologer, and captivating story teller. 264 pages, over 60 charts, beautiful Visionary art cover. "Required reading for all planetary residents!" $14.95 each   Quantity: ___

3. LightShift 2000 -- the AudioTape
A brilliant lecture of Ken Kalb's presentation at the Prophet's Conference. Ken covers all the cosmological flashpoints from the August 11 Eclipse to the May Grand Alignment to 2012. The heart and spirit of LightShift are all captured in this powerful presentation. $9.95 each   Quantity: ___

4. LightShift 2000 -- The Video
A wonderful one hour presentation of the ingredients of the LightShift 2000 initiative going back to the roots in ancient prophecy. $19.95 each   Quantity: ___

5. Get all of the above for just $50 (plus $5 shipping in US)!!! Quantity: ___

NOTE: The Lucky Star Astrological Chart Service also generously donates 50% of all proceeds from their brilliant astrological interpretations to the LightShift 2000 initiative. Ken Kalb has worked on this project since its inception.

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