January 1, 1999 -- 111999

Alpha and Omega

by Jared Rosen and Ken Kalb

The first day of the last year of the bimillennium, January 1, 1999, exhibits a unique configuration of numbers with powerful metaphysical significance. The number one represents unity, and the beginning or alpha portion of a cycle, while the number nine represents the omega, end, or eternal phase. As every ending births a new beginning, January 1, 1999 is both alpha and omega, marking the commencement of the end of a two thousand year calendric cycle -- a completion and an initiation.

January 1, 1999 adds up numerologically to the magical number three, represented by the triangle or Trinity. The triangle symbolizes perfection: Pointing upward it means the spiritual ascent to heaven or higher consciousness, fire, and the active male principle. Reversed, it symbolizes water, the passive feminine principle, the bringer of all Earthly manifestation. Notice also how the one's and nine's of this rare date are grouped in two sets of three's or Trinity's. There are numerous triune cycles: The 3, 6, 9 relationship of the ancient Chinese oracle, the I Ching, the three levels of mind (subconscious, conscious, and superconscious), the three primary colors, the three components of being (body, mind and spirit), as well as the Holy Trinity of the Bible (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost). Trinitization is also dynamically embodied in the three dimensional form of the star tetrahedron or Merkaba -- representing the light/spirit/body in energetic activation. This universal principle of trinitization embodies completion and perfection within itself. All of these components target this date, 1/1/1999, as a time to reflect on our own completion of this old cycle, and remember our Self as whole as we seed our new vision for humanity’s metamorphosis into the next evolutionary phase.

At this stage in our development, let us consider how our identification with matter has separated our experience of Self as Spirit. It has placed us on a collision course with our very own technology, and our own source and essence as spirit. The propensity to destroy the entire human kingdom, as well as the other living kingdoms on this planet, has been an alarming signal that the evolutionary spiral must turn in a new direction. Fortunately, many bold individuals and visionary groups around the planet are engaged in developing new holistic formulas for the next millennium. The time has come to gather the visionary seeds and deeds of an enlightened planet, and intentionally plant them into the collective mind of humanity in synchronicity and grand intention.

January 1, 1999 (111999) is not a prophesied date with promises of sensational cosmic happenings, Rather it is a "so below" event. Those in the higher realms of light will assist our collective vision, for they are us in the next dimension. Let us become a unified field of conscious visionaries who can re-script the unified field of collective consciousness in coherence with the qualities of peace, freedom, and planetary enlightenment. We thus become the cause of the future evolution as opposed to the effect -- proactive and co-creative; where Creator (cause) is not separate from Creation (effect). This is a success formula for the manifestation of miracles.

The Zero Point Meditation

A specific breath meditation called Zero Point Fusion © has been developed to be used daily. Its specific purpose is to seed your unique vision of an enlightened planet by breathing into the zero point in between the inhale and exhale. This meditation has been carefully designed around an understanding of the interconnectedness of thought and the physics of material manifestation. Imagine the effect of millions of people focusing their specific vision for the next millennium every day for the next year; and then collectively fusing the vision into the ‘primary collective mind matrix' or unified field at 12:12 AM on this powerful first day of the last year of the millennium.You are wholeheartedly invited to be a conscious co-creator of this collective vision for the third millennium.

*The Zero Point Fusion© Meditation (0 lies between 9 & 1 and is the gateway into the infinite and eternal source) is available to you simply by sending a SASE (with two 32 cent stamps) to:

Life Energy Systems,

PO Box 122

Larkspur, CA 94977-0122

In addition, you may send a one to three paragraph "vision of an enlightened planet" to be included in a book called The People’s Vision Of The Third Millennium.

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