Quantum Meditations for Equinox and Solstice

Many individuals and groups will be linking up in meditation for the shift of energies during the forthcoming solstices and equinoxes. Currently, the Earth's solstices are on the same geometric plane as our Milky Way Galaxy, so the alignment of energies at these times is particularly powerful. Many diverse groups will be holding various meditations at these times, and we will post links to their websites. LightShift 2000 wishes to assist the unification of all who wish to gather in focused intent from their pure inner light to help boost the resonance of the unified field of collective consciousness. We recommend a one half to one hour meditation beginning 15-30 minutes before the time of equinox or solstice, proceding for 15-30 minutes after. Here are the times of forthcoming events:

Solstice and Equinox Times (these are Pacific Time)

Winter Solstice, 2001     December 21, 2001   11:22am

Spring Equinox, 2002     March 20, 2002   11:16 am

Summer Solstice, 2002     June 21, 2002   6:24 am

Autumn Equnox, 2002     September 22, 2002   9:56 pm

Winter Solstice 2002     December 21, 2002   5:15 pm

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