A Simple Universal Meditation

Meditation is the crown jewel of most systems of yoga from the East. Being the higest of the yogas, it is also the simplest, purest, and clearest. The essence of meditation is to stop the mind from becoming lost in random thoughts, and instead focusing in pure consciousness. This mind exercise is helpful for grasping new knowledge and information, for tapping into our intuitive understanding beyond language, and for obtaining a fresh, uncluttered glimpse of our own lives and being in the universe. The gift of meditation is inner peace and spiritual wisdom.

The goal of meditation is to experience directly without any kind of perceptually conditioned filters. The meditation experience is thus, the same as the nature of reality itself. When we practice meditation regularly, we realize that the natural and aware state of mind is always present. Only our mental concepts stand in the way of experiencing this state of pure consciousness.

The Setting: Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit or lay down.

Intention: Set an intention of letting go of everything and embrace your inner peace, joy, and love.

Attention: Close your eyes, relax, and focus only on your breath which should be full and rhythmic.

Release: Release any thoughts, sensations, or emotions and let them go and pass like clouds in the sky until they disappear and your inner sky is clear. If they reappear, allow your breath to release them. Tap into the blissful Silent Space within you.

Imagine: Imagine your entire being filling up with light from the pure essence within you.

Focus: Focus on a point such as your third eye. Imagine your inner light expanding outward, radiating through and beyond your aura out in all directions through the entire universe. Let everything else disappear.

Sound: You may wish to optionally use a mantra such as AH or OM silently or in a resonant tone with each exhale.

Absorption: Feel the unity with the One Great Mind and Heart -- and during global meditations, all the radiance of the beautiful spirits who are also meditating, and absorb all the love, light, peace, and joy in the universe.

"If there is no meditation, then you are like a blind man in a world of great beauty, light, and colour." -J. Krishnamurti

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