November 17, 1997

Dear Friends,

LightShift 2000 has organized a series of silent universal global meditations and prayers on the first of each month at Noon building up to the quantum event, January 1, 2000, at !2;12 AM, One Day in Peace. Huge New Year’s meditations are also planned for 1999 and 2001. Hundreds of thousands of people from 52 countries and every state in the US are presently participating, and it is growing like wildfire everyday. We feel that uniting in our silence and our light in grand intention is the singular and simplest -- most powerful and positive activity the citizens of this planet can do to create the mindset for a brighter new vision that all life can share. We invite you to join us, for together, we are the LightShift, and the hope of the future.

Please visit our beautiful website to capture the spirit and scope of this initiative at:

What better way to start the 21st century from the one thing we all share -- the pure light within us. In unity -- melting down and shining through all barriers of race, religion, belief, and nationality -- this beautiful circuit of pure inner light will have a positive impact on the mass consciousness and help spark the divinity in all humanity.

Imagine millions of men, women, and children all over the Earth merged in the same beautiful spirit!

LightShift 2000 also supports the efforts of the World Peace Prayer Society and invite you to say the affirmation, "May Peace Prevail on Earth," at Noon each day.We also fully support the initiative to declare January 1, 2000 as One Day in Peace, and pray that it is the first day of a thousand years of true and lasting peace on this magnificent planet.

Radiant Blessings,

Ken Kalb


LightShift 2000

Let’s Turn on the Light of the World!

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